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custom design

If you have a vision that you'd like to see on paper--but aren't quite sure how to get it there--or have no idea where to begin, I'll work closely with you to create something special. Design and lettering work is billed at $60/hour. Projects will be quoted based on an estimated time frame for completion.


Are you a calligrapher, illustrator or artist in need of business support or promotion? Do you have artwork on paper--and dream of selling on Etsy or your own website--but aren't quite sure how to get it to translate to the computer screen? Do you wish you had access to quality printing and reproduction of your work (i.e. art prints, wedding invitations, stationery and/or web applications)? I offer a variety of services to help you reach the next steps in your business: analog to digital translation of your work, web-building/e-commerce setup for artists and direct advising on workflow/pricing to get you on track to begin accepting new, exciting work. Let me help shine a light on your talent! Contact me to inquire about consulting services.