Yellow Mirror


I painted this originally gold-framed mirror a cheerful yellow when Luke offered to hang it on the wall the other day (it has been resting on the little old table in the entryway). He wanted to hang it high enough so that he could look into it without having to bend over…poor guy has been practically squatting to glance in the mirror before he walks out the door!




I used Krylon spray paint in Bauhaus Gold. Maybe it was me, but I didn't think the coverage was that great. I sprayed 5 coats! To avoid getting spraypaint on the glass or having to disassemble the mirror, I used blue painter's tape around the edges (took a bit of time to tape carefully, but it saved a lot of trouble in the end) and in the middle laid some pieces of newspaper. It was helpful to tape those down too.

The little mirror makeover inspired me to spruce up this whole wall a bit. I like having a few little pops of yellow throughout the apartment, it feels happy and fun.