currently working from: coffee beans & books

This post serves a dual purpose.

One, it begins a trend I would like to continue: the documenting of all the different venues I find myself in as I work remotely! You may know that my job is portable in that I can work wherever there's access to Internet and an outlet for my laptop. We don't have wireless at the Shanty, so I have been coffee shop hopping for the past month!

Two, it's my first attempt to post from my phone! So far so good, although you will have to deal with strictly iPhone photos.

Anyway, today I'm at Coffee Beans & Books (a good no-nonsense name) which is about 10 minutes from where the Warriors train in Beckley. This is one of the most unique locations I've ever found for a cafe: an old Jr. High school! What?!


This is just outside the door where I entered the school-turned-small-business-emporium. Apparently a new Jr. High was built a few years back, and rather than leaving the old building abandoned, several businesses moved in. Coffee Beans & Books is actually in the room that once was the old library! I love it!

It took a little maneuvering to find my way into the shop--think winding school hallways--but once I found it, I was delighted. It has that feeling of many, many people filling its rooms over the years and I felt cozy inside immediately. There are new and used books lining large bookshelves in the lower level, for sale or just to borrow as you sit and sip your drink. It might be difficult for me to get work done here, since I'm just going to want to check out all the great books available!



Upstairs, there are plush couches and tons of seating. There's even a little conference room in the corner to hold book clubs! I have no idea how people find this place, and I'm not entirely convinced that they do, as I'm currently the only patron and the barista is watching a television show on her laptop in the lower level. But it really is a gem. I will never go back to the freezing Starbucks again. Coffee Beans & Books, I love you!