pretty vintage floral dinnerware

I just love these. Forget-Me-Nots against a white background...such happy plates for the kitchen table.



I have a dinnerware obsession and I love plate patterns. This particular pattern is called "Clear Day" and it was designed by Ben Siebel for Mikasa in the 70's. He designed many, many other plate patterns, but this one ranks up there as one of my favorites.



I'm selling these in my etsy shop--sometimes when I find fun thrifted treasures, I just have to pick them up even though I can't justify holding onto them myself. 


Baker Road | Holiday Vintage

I love to hunt down treasures in thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. Lately in my ventures I've been coming across various gems for Christmas and the holidays. Nothing warms my heart more than finding something that reminds me of Christmases when I was a kid, so along the way I began specificaly picking up those items. I recently thought to share this warmth with the (etsy) world.

Thus, Baker Road holiday vintage was born. I've listed my findings for sale in an online shop, so feel free to browse the fun and few items, although I have more to add (including some really fun vintage paper ephemera-you know that paper goods are my weakness).

Each item in some way sparked a memory of the Christmas decorations from my childhood. I try to reference the memory when applicable in the description, so each item has its own special story. Here are the first few items I've put up.

A Peek in our Library

Hi everyone! I'm just popping in for a quick post today. I know when I shared our screened-in porch I said I would be back to show you photos of a couple other spaces in our home, and I'm glad I snapped a few when everything was still intact! As of right now, our house is in full-blown packing mode and looking pretty empty. I can't believe tomorrow is my last day of work and we only have 4 days until we pack the cars and go! I'm trying to stay afloat, and Luke is doing a great job keeping me sane. He has packed up so much of our house while I've been at work...and I love him for it.

Today I wanted to show you one of our joint favorite nooks of the house. In the corner of the living room is a bookshelf that houses our little library. We both love books and the idea of having a library in our future home, and this is definitely a humble beginning. There are lots of books we love that aren't seen here, but these things take time. I'll point out a couple of my favorite details while you take a closer look...

1) Budvase of lavender, memento from my best friend Mary's beautiful wedding.

2) Vintage Kodak Instamatic I found for $2 at an antique store.

3) One of the vintage dessert plates from our wedding.

4) The tiniest pewter frame for which I have not yet found the perfect tiniest photo.

5) Sailboat drawing by Mary, a wedding gift.

6) This was a "birthday present" for Luke last year. I definitely had personal motives in mind with this one.

7)  One of three globe bookends I've picked at yard sales. I guess I've started a collection.

8) Luke and I each subscribe to one magazine. My pick is Real Simple, his is Outside.


It's fun to walk over to the bookshelf and choose a book I haven't read in awhile. Speaking of things you haven't read in awhile, do any friends spy books that belong to you? I've been bad about returning in the past...I promise to be better!

We're off to spend a much-anticipated evening with great friends. I'm sad to leave these amazing people but so glad for the brief time we had getting to know them. I'll try to check in on Monday but I think it will be really hectic, so we'll see...have a beautiful weekend!


spotlight on | Miss Louise Vintage



I want to share one of my recent purchases with you. My childhood friend Shayna opened Miss Louise Vintage on Etsy not too long ago, and I've been constantly eyeing up the items she picks at thrift stores, flea markets, auctions and the like. She has such savvy style and a great eye for vintage. When she posted this gorgeous handmade apron, I knew I had to have it. 



I had never worn an apron in my life until I began working at a bakery. Then it became necessary to wear one every single day. Pretty aprons started catching my eye, but this one is supremely lovely. I absolutely love the vintage florals and the yellow/marigold hues. And, as you can see by the last picture, it's reversible! The reverse side has a sweet little teardrop-shaped pocket. To top it off, Shayna packaged it up in the cutest wrapping, making it a treat to receive in the mail.



I can't wait to wear this to work--the perfect summery apron. Please check out Miss Louise Vintage. The prices are so reasonable and you'll be inspired. Thanks again for the lovely apron, Shayna! xo



picked | Bread Box & Throw Rug

I'm in love with thrift/antique store shopping and yard saling. In my new category of blog posts "picked" I'll share some of my finds with you, and later on post about what I did with them (so you know I'm not secretly a hoarder!). I see lots of hidden potential in things. Once, in a cluttered flea market booth, Luke commented "I look at this room and think, 'What is all this crap?' but you look at it and think, 'There could be something here.'" He was right. I never look past anything based on its current state--I patiently look, I love the search,and I pick things based on their potential, often changing them later to appeal to my taste. 

I love the lettering and the slightly vintage/worn on this $1.50 bread box. I haven't decided what exactly I'm going to do with it, but I'm definitely going to update it in some way.

This $3 throw rug (2' x 3') from another yard sale is inside the front door currently. Don't know where its home will ultimately be. Maybe the screened-in porch.

I got some dorky crafting stuff too, but that's boring to anyone but me. I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing Saturday today! I had a somewhat lazy evening after a crazy day at work...we accomplished our first wedding delivery & setup for a gorgeous wedding at The Dairy Barn in Fort Mill. Proud of my boss and how well the bakery is doing. I often feel so lucky to have my job!

For weekend inspiration, I'll share this gorgeous home tour with you (courtesy of Apartment Therapy). I pretty much died at every photo. It's kind of my dream space...I may have to copy that vintage plate wall from all our leftover wedding dishes!