an update

Luke just hopped in the 'Finder and took off for Southern West Virginia, where he will be the assistant coach for a men's PDL soccer team this summer!

The quick update is this: Luke was contacted several months ago by his old soccer coach, Scott Reitnour. Scott is the head coach for a new team (the King's Warriors) in the Professional Development League, and he invited Luke to be his assistant. It wasn't easy, but I agreed with Luke almost immediately that it would be a great opportunity he shouldn't pass up. We believed it would require us to spend the whole summer apart, though, and that sucked. I was able to convince myself for awhile that this was okay, but as time drew nearer for him to leave we started to feel the weight of that reality. It felt like an actual, sinking weight on my chest--I kept thinking, "Wait a minute, three months? I married you so we wouldn't have to be apart anymore!" So after a chat with Bryn (my boss, who is far more understanding and accommodating than I could have ever hoped) it was settled that I would join Luke in WV and work remotely for the summer.

I'll be heading to Beckley around June 3rd, soon after I return from a 9-day trip to Costa Rica! Anyone know anything about Beckley? If you do, please don't share. My dad simply started laughing when I told him that's where Luke would be spending the summer, so I'm guessing Beckley doesn't break any West Virginia stereotypes.

Anyway, I'm SO incredibly grateful I'll be joining him soon, but I'm already feeling pretty lonely without my husband. Just before leaving, Luke asked me if I was alright. I was, and told him so. He said "I know. You're independent and I love that about you." But now that he's gone, I'm sitting in the apartment wracking my brain for things to do. Walk downtown and do some work? Go through my closet for clothes to get rid of? Watch a movie and nap? I can't think of a single thing I feel like doing without my best friend, so I'm scrolling up and down my Facebook news feed over and over, looking at pictures of people I barely know, refreshing my Twitter feed, and occasionally zoning out to feel the emptiness of Luke not being next to me, deciding together our next move for the day.

Independent? I once was. In many ways still am. But I'm feeling anything but that right now--all I'm feeling is that I am so much better, so much more fulfilled and effective when I am part of the team that is Luke and I.

Thankful beyond belief that our time apart is only three weeks. Hope they go by fast!


Here are some other quick update blurbs:

Luke and I accompanied the church band today. Our church is seriously blessed with gifted musicians, and we were privileged to join our friends onstage. Luke played the cajon (that's the box drum he's sitting on below!) and I sang backup vocals.

Practicing. Caper the chocolate lab was loving the music.

I finally got an iPhone! I've been waiting for awhile to update my 5-year old, $5 flip phone. My favorite things about my iPhone so far? Instagram, Maps, access to email on the go, feeling like one of the cool kids.

 You served me well, little guy.


As I mentioned above, I'm going to spend some time in Costa Rica at the end of this month as an intern at a health and wellness retreat. My friend Maria is running the show and I'm so excited to see the sights, try a one-week juice fast, and chill on the beach!

Photos by Maria Brubaker


May, I love ya, but I'm really hoping for the next two weeks to fly by. Let's just get you over with, shall we?

seen | Erie Basin Antiques & an announcement

Today I stumbled across a Tumblr feed that absolutely captured me. Add "antique dealer" to my list of career paths to pursue. No really, I may try to get into the antique business in New York City. Ah, yes, New York--we have not quite filled you all in regarding our move, but here is the announcement with all the details and information I know.

About a month ago Luke was contacted by the head coach of the men's soccer team at Nyack College in Nyack, New York (just north of New York City) asking if he was interested in a graduate assistantship with the team. This means that Luke would serve as an assistant coach to the team while attending grad school. After a several day process of applying, chatting with head coach Keith Davie, and generally thinking/scrutinizing/praying about our options Luke was offered the assistantship and accepted it, positioning us to leave the wonderful south at the end of July (insert sad face here, with a crooked frown though, because I can't quite be sad since I'm actually really excited too). They offered him half tuition for his Master's degree in Organizational Leadership and a monthly stipend for his coaching responsibilities. They are also providing us with housing--a 1br apartment on campus--which we are extremely thankful for, seeing as we could never afford living so close to NYC on our own. So this is a very exciting move for us and I really cannot wait to live closer to my family and so close to NYC. I've always felt that I wanted to live there temporarily. Although this isn't the big city at all (see how our new town is situated right on the Hudson in the photo above?) I've already mapped out the public transportation to take me directly to Grand Central Station and it appears very easy. Yes, I'm incredibly excited.

Now that you're filled in, I need to share some of this amazing old stuff with you. I'll say it now and I'll say it forever: I LOVE OLD STUFF. This shop seems to specialize in artwork and jewelry, but the pristine photography is what makes these old pieces absolutely shine.


All images by Erie Basin. That last one especially is so charming. It makes me like this shop owner quite a bit, that amongst the glitz and glam they would be drawn to this piece.

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Have a beautiful day!