Stay on the Bike



The day we left New York for our cross country road trip extravaganza, a few of our friends gave us hours and hours of driving music on burned CDs. It was awesome and we appreciated every single disc. One of them, however, got a lot more play time than all the others...because our singer/songwriter/jack-of-all-trades friend Matt wrote the songs, and our other multi-talented friend Annah contributed her insanely beautiful vocals to what became the soundtrack of our trip: a self-titled, home-recorded/mixed EP, the debut of their musical collaboration known as Stay on the Bike

From the very first listen, these 5 songs spoke to us.

Each and every morning, we began our day's journey with 1) a prayer for safety and 2) several consecutive plays through the EP. Matt and Annah's voices blend together with a sound I can only describe as pure. And maybe heavenly (clearly I'm not a music critic, this lingo is straight from my heart). I have always been blown away by Matt's musical talent, but hearing these songs took things to a new level. And considering that I always thought of Annah as a pretty quiet person (not to mention one of the sweetest, most creatively gifted people I know!), it was a relatively surprising--but awesome--realization to hear that she has a voice like glass. Friends, this is good stuff. I'm really passionate about what these two have created so far and I'm anxious to see what's in store for them in their new musical endeavor! The EP was released today for streaming and purchasing. Go check it out!

Matt and Annah, thank you for the gift of these songs, and more importantly, the soundtrack to a road trip I will remember for the rest of my life. The first line of "Build" is my favorite from the EP, and every time I hear it I know it will bring to mind a vivid reel of our vast country's hills, plains, rocky mountains, deserts, and finally, rolling seas. I drank in those scenes along with your sound. I will think back to those moments, embarking on a new adventure with my love, and I will sing along earnestly:

"I want to carve a road
like the one I used to travel with you..."