seen | Stunning calligraphy

When I was working at Sassafras Flowers and Gifts in Rochester last year, we received a piece of mail that immediately stood out from the rest. Tucked inside a hand-addressed kraft mailer was a delicately wrapped package. After I carefully peeled away what seemed like layers and layers of beautiful tissue, wonderful textiles, and bits of colorful washi tape, a tiny envelope was revealed. This envelope contained expertly calligraphed name cards by Primele which we used to label some of our token products. I was enamored.

I was also reminded of two key points for a craftsperson. One, presentation is everything. I felt like it was Christmas morning as I held the Primele package--full of anticipation and curiosity as I unwrapped. If I'm presenting my product, that's how I would love for someone to feel when they receive it. Two, details matter. Calligraphed labels for flowers and gifts might seem overly extravagant, but it shows that personal care and attention have gone into the tiniest details. That is why I'm a huge fan of calligraphy. Here are some snippets from one of my other favorite calligraphers, paperfinger

Love that last image from a collaboration she did with my absolute favorite food blog (so many pretty pictures), Sunday Suppers.

So, you probably saw this coming, but I've been entertaining the thought of learning calligraphy myself. What do you think?


photo credits: Mary Dougherty Photography (1), paperfinger (2, 3) Sunday Suppers (4)