regarding river

A couple weeks ago I posted this on my facebook wall:



Just so no one gets the impression that Luke is a big meanie, I want to expound a bit! Getting a puppy is high on our priority list, but unfortunately not an option for us right now. We're really lucky to live in an apartment that is provided for us by Luke's assistantship, but that means we have to abide by their no pet rules. Trust me, I've really tried to convince Luke otherwise. I've attempted to talk him into rebelling against the college and all their rules and get one anyway. My husband is just not a rule-breaker!

Soon enough we'll be able to bring home a pup, I hope. Luke grew up with an amazing golden retriever named Meggie and I love the stories about how kind, loyal and smart she was. I guess because of Meggie I've fallen in love with goldens, and there's absolutely no question that we'll be getting that breed when the time comes.

ALSO: though we do love the name River, shortly after we talked about it we heard of someone else naming their golden retriever puppy that very name (a soccer player Luke follows on Twitter)! Weird! So we've been re-thinking it even though we don't know these folks. Funny how that kind of thing can change your mind, just doesn't feel like it's our name anymore! Any other suggestions?

I've reverted back to my 10-year-old puppy loving self! My family didn't grow up with pets except for a short time with a black lab named Shadow. She jumped on my younger brother too much when he was a toddler, so we gave her away to a sweet old lady who owned a farm. I think Shadow was happy there!

Just look at these beauties. I want one so very very much!