fly fishing the new

Ever since we arrived in the gateway to the New River Gorge, Luke has been dying to go fly fishing. I remember him packing up his final items just before he left New York, looking like he was on his way to big boy camp with his golf bag and fly rod in tow, a huge grin on his face.

So last night he finally got out there and took some of his players along. The river and the dusk made for picturesque surroundings. I sat on the rocks and read Garrison Keillor. Their plan was to catch a few fish and fry them up for dinner over a campfire, since we are still without power.


I was mesmerized by Luke fly fishing! I knew of his affinity for it but had never seen him in action. It was truly beautiful. Just like Paul MacLean (if you've never seen it, watch it).


Luke and Carter (in the picture above) actually ended up getting carried away by the scary! It was crazy, because the river looked so calm, but water is so easily underestimated. The rocks they were walking on dropped off suddenly, and as soon as they lost their footing they were pretty powerless against the flow. Thankfully they made it out safely, but both of them had a pretty good scare. We ended the evening with a campfire, PBJs, and soup heated by the fire. Country living at its best.

In other news, we are going on day four without power. Luke and I had an interesting conversation this morning about convenience and comfort--how little of either we have currently, but how content we've managed to be. We have no electricity, no cell phones, no internet, no hot water, no way to do laundry, no food and no way to cook it. In the back of my mind I'm looking forward to going back to our cozy apartment and the conveniences of regular life, but I'm really okay with this way of life (which has me more convinced than ever that I'm a country girl at heart). I think it's been really good for us to be forced to go without all of the luxuries we're accustomed to. Again, it reinforces my belief that going outside of your comfort zone can only result in good things.