Another Great Day

Luke and I have a phrase we like to say to each other at the beginning of the day. It was born one sunny morning in Rochester when he was spending the weekend with my roommates and I in our house on North Landing Road. Luke and I had gotten up and were sitting at the dining room table with our coffee, looking out the window at the world. Across the street was a lush park where we watched people walk their big dogs and enjoy the day. We were engaged at the time, living in separate cities, and at that moment felt the relief of just being together, relaxing on a Saturday morning, imagining if this was what our lives would be like after we got married. We sat there like two elderly folks, saying nothing, chairs facing the window, when Luke said:



It's another great day."


It made me laugh. He sounded old, weathered maybe, but expressed a genuine attitude of hopefulness towards what we knew would be, for us, a great day.

That simple phrase is now often repeated during our mornings together. It's a reminder that, thought we don't know what opportunities or challenges lie ahead each day, we can know that it will definitely be a GREAT day.