can't buy me love

I know for a fact that money doesn't buy happiness. Because tonight, in an ongoing attempt to save save save, Luke and I had the cheapest date night ever: dinner at IKEA for $10 and then shopping with a $15 price limit. And we had more fun than anyone who went on the fancy-pancy-shmanciest date ever. 


I spent $10 for a really great pair of winter socks. He spent $3.50 for a pocket tee. 


Sorry Bob

It went a little like this.


Search every day on Craigslist for a certain camera.

Squeal with delight when said camera comes up for sale.

Arrange transaction with nice man named Bob.

The day before transaction (AKA today), withdraw $300 from ATM.

Get a little sick while you're doing it.

Continue to feel sick all the way home. Think of other things the money could be used for.

Walk through the door at home, pray reluctantly for ability to be a responsible adult.

E-mail Bob. Cancel transaction.

Pay student loan online. Watch the $300+ disappear into the black hole. Cry a little.


And that is that.