Yoga Fledgling

Have you all done yoga before? I have to tell you I recently started and I think I'm in love. Last night I accidentally went to one of the highest-level classes my local studio offers and, though I quickly located a go-to person to copy, I think I kept up fairly well. Our instructor had to remind us at times "You can do it. Your body is fine. Your mind is freaking out, but your body is fine." A helpful reminder for any type of physical activity. Today my body is hurting but so happy at the same time. 

My favorite part is at the end, after you've worked so hard, and the only objective is calming your body and your mind. It's caused me to think about peaceful spaces like these for practicing yoga. If you're not into yoga, I totally understand as I wasn't up until just recently. But take a look at these photos and imagine yourself there. Aren't you calming down already?


Photo credits: lovemorefearless via unknown (1), desire to inspire via avotakka (2), Bamboo YogaPlay (3), yogasherpa (4), Leo Carvajal (5), unknown, found on pinterest (6)