seen | What caught my eye this week...

I'm having a relaxing morning at home with Luke before we head out to start our day. He brought me coffee and cereal with bananas this morning while I collected some favorite links from the week--what a sweet man! Here are some of my favorite finds this week, hope you enjoy!


Amazed by this gorgeous outdoor party a husband threw for his wife (also seen above)...I'm thinking he had a little help ;)

A great new Tumblr filled with photos of awesome people hanging out together

My beautiful friend Hillary has her own clothing line...and she's hosting a fantastic giveaway over on her blog!

This will be me taking in New York City in a few months

I was late on the bandwagon finding this commercial, but it's too good to miss

I've been wanting to learn how make homemade sprinkles for awhile. I'm so excited to finally try it!

I've been loving this mermaid braid lately

And if you missed my posts on Tolstoy's inspired words or homemade kohlrabi this week, check them out too! 


PS, I have to share something so exciting: last night I met two of the most awesome blogging celebrities, John & Sherry (and their adorable Clara) from Young House Love!!! They were eating at Mellow Mushroom when Luke and our friends & I were there. I was SO nervous and excited to say hi and introduce myself. Their blog has been one of my absolute favorites for years. They were totally kind and gracious (I was stammering all over the place, but I do remember I said I'm a cupcake baker and Sherry replied "that's why you're so sweet!" aww!), I truly felt privileged to meet such an awesome pair. This amazing blogging duo operate under the same mindset as one of the most wise & accomplished men I know, Luke's granddad Cliff, and that is "if you don't know how to do something, learn how and do it yourself." Their blog is MUCHO successful and I just love it. If you've never read it, check it out NOW! Thanks for making my night, John & Sherry!

I hope you all have a fantastic, sunny Saturday and relaxing Sunday! xoxo