a day in lewisburg, wv

This past weekend Luke and the team were traveling for two away games in Northern Virginia and Maryland. I'll admit that I was upset when I first realized I would be spending almost three days on my own in Hinton. There's not exactly a whole lot going on here.

But once I got over myself, I began making plans. For a Saturday day trip, I was tipped off by Alisha at Chestnut Revival to visit Lewisburg (voted one of the top 10 coolest small towns in America, 2011) which is about 45 minutes northeast, and I'm so glad I did. It was right up my alley. I spent the entire day touring the town's historical sites, wandering into cute shops, checking out the local farmer's market and hanging out at cafes.

What first caught my eye was the beauty of the aged homes and buildings. I don't know a lot about architecture, but I thought these buildings were really beautiful.




My first stop was the Greenbriar Valley farmers' market. Vendors were a bit sparse, but the live bluegrass made up for it.



I enjoyed an incredible cinnamon roll with brown butter glaze. A quaker-looking woman sold it to me. I guessed she probably didn't want her photo taken, so just imagine her in your mind, bonnet and all.



I then walked to the Lewisburg visitor's center to pick up some maps/walking guides/suggestions from the nice older ladies to help determine my next move. They told me that Lewisburg is home to one of the world's four Carnegie Halls (right along with that one in New York)! Who would have thought? I had to see it, so I walked through a beautiful park (part of what is now a local college) until I saw this fantastic building.




I was disappointed to find the front doors locked even though I could hear music coming from inside. My discovery of an unlocked side door allowed me to go into the small theater and listen to, presumably, a student in a piano lesson. I really enjoyed about ten minutes of peaceful solace in the presence of beautiful music, in a seat that has held hundreds of thousands of people before me.



At this point I still hadn't had my morning coffee, so I found my way to the Wild Bean cafe.



The menu looked amazing. I ended up spending quite a bit of time here blogging, catching up on some work emails, talking to my Mom and eating one of the best sandwiches of my life. It was a really large space that they'd filled out quite well with tables, booths, and lots of little nooks and corners to settle into. I decided on a window seat, though.



 Seriously, the sandwich above--one of the best of my life. The Wild Bean calls it the Green Goddess, and it consisted of spinach, sprouts, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese on ciabatta bread. Served with a side of sesame pasta. I think I could eat it every day.

From there, I checked out some of the little shops and antique stores along the main street.

Wolf Creek Gallery

Edith's Store

Stone House General Store


When I was all antiqued out, I found my way to a really pretty restaurant before the dinner rush hit. For the rest of the evening, I enjoyed the cool air and a beer and journaled in their tented area where I was surrounded by gardens. Such a pleasant way to spend time. And to top it all off, I ordered an appetizer of brie with caramelized pecan topping. Delicious!



A really cool gem of a town in the middle of nowhere, West Virginia. I loved my time in Lewisburg.