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Let's see...pretty calligraphy, letterpress and watercolor details. I'm in love with the 2012 calendar from greengirlpress! Amy Rau is the mastermind behind greengirl and a really wonderful printer friend to me. When I was first learning the ins and outs of letterpress, she was always there to share her knowledge and encourage me. She was the one who printed Allison's invitations beautifully and I'm really excited that she has agreed to print another invitation suite for me this summer!

Amy was kind enough to send me one of her 2012 calendars and I'm so glad she did...I've been especially loving February this month with the sweet little heart. :) Check out all the months below with spotlights on some of my faves, and please do check out Amy's website and etsy!




Typecase turned Jewelry Display

I picked a wooden typecase at a yard sale a few weeks ago! These drawers hold tiny pieces of lead type used for letterpress printing. A fun find since I spent a little over a year working with these at the Genesee Center for the Arts and Education. This is a typical California Job Case, which has individual compartments for each character--capital and lowercase--along with punctuation, numbers, spacing and a few other symbols. I spent many hours in the Printing and Book Arts center sorting lead type that had been left out for many days, months, even years. It can get to be quite a nightmare.

image: Mary Dougherty Photography

Yes, each of those tiny little pieces of metal is actually a character--a letter, number, or symbol. You can imagine how significant the nightmare can become if the pieces aren't correctly re-distributed back into the case after the letterpress job is done. Seriously, re-distribute your type, people!

I hung my drawer on the wall of our bedroom with a few favorite framed items. Then I filled it with jewelry and my smallest treasures. 

It makes me happy to have a special spot for my favorite little items like a muslin bag of lavender from my dearest friend's wedding and the delicate wood pendant made by the wonderful Deborah's husband. It's stamped with our names and wedding date; it is so special. I REALLY love being able to see each pair of my earrings in its spot. (PS--I initially got this idea from my friend Kaylan's pinboard. Check it out. Pinterest is THE BEST place for inspiration of all types!)

These wooden/hand-painted gems from Salvation Army in particular always seems to get lost in my collection--not today! 

Also -- My hair inspiration today (like most days) comes from my fave hair blogger, Reagan! Check her out.

Seen: State Bird Prints from Dutch Door Press

Aren't these letterpress prints of state birds and flowers from Dutch Door Press stunning? I don't think I can resist buying up the Pennsylvania and North Carolina prints for our new apartment...a little spin on the state plates idea we displayed at our wedding.

Maybe, for fun, I'll get our current state pretty!

Did you grow up knowing your state bird and state flower? My mom made sure this information was covered in our homeschool repertoire. I've never seen the Ruffled Grouse look so good as in the PA print, but I must say I'm not exactly partial to Mountain Laurel and I'm a little jealous that New Hampshire gets to claim Lilac as their state's my absolute fave.

Allison & Andrew's Pink & Blind Letterpress Invitations

Amidst our crazy whirlwind month, we were lucky to share a few days in Rochester celebrating Allison and Andrew's wedding. It was so fun to be a part of it and we are so blessed by their friendship! Early in their engagement, Allison asked me to help her create a simple yet elegant design for their invitations. I decided to keep the color scheme incredibly simple and crisp using only deep pink (a color which also made an appearance in her bridesmaid dresses) paired with a blind embossed hydrangea (one of Al's favorites). I loved the final result and I think it fit her gorgeous wedding perfectly. Many, many thanks to my good friend Amy at greengirlpress for doing such a perfect letterpress job! Amy, you're the best!



The save the date corresponded with the rest of the invitation suite without the luxury of letterpress...


So glad I was able to drop in and show you these invites. I really enjoyed creating these for such a wonderful friend! Wishing Allison & Andrew a happy honeymoon and first week of marriage. I love you both!

I feel badly that I've been MIA...this is really the first opportunity I've had to get caught up on blogging or any other social media since our move. I'm about to go on a long break from blogging again as we leave for Honduras tomorrow through the end of the month. I can't wait to share photos from our trip and fill you in on our experiences. Hoping the rest of your July is sunny, relaxing, not too hot, and full of family & friends! See you in August!

seen | Lovely Letterpress Prints (& giveaway winner!)

It's still early on Saturday and I'm entertaining the notion to go for a jog. I have a lot I want to accomplish around the house before work today, so I'm enjoying this quiet time before the bustling begins.

I spotted these wonderful letterpress prints by Tag Team Thompkins over on Paper Crave the other day. I love everything about them from the gorgeous hand-lettering and papercut images to the monochromatic palette and the lovely quotes. I could see a small set of these hanging in a bedroom or lining a hallway.

Aren't they sweet? And so reasonably priced. I have a couple people in mind I want to get one of these for. And yes, these do increase my desire to learn calligraphy.

Oh, and thank you to all who entered my giveaway! I had so much fun reading about your favorite products and scents, your creations and memories. I used to choose a winner for the handmade soap and Sylvia, it was you! I will be contacting you soon so I can send your prize.

Photo credits: Paper Crave via Tag Team Thompkins(1, 2, 3)