Typecase turned Jewelry Display

I picked a wooden typecase at a yard sale a few weeks ago! These drawers hold tiny pieces of lead type used for letterpress printing. A fun find since I spent a little over a year working with these at the Genesee Center for the Arts and Education. This is a typical California Job Case, which has individual compartments for each character--capital and lowercase--along with punctuation, numbers, spacing and a few other symbols. I spent many hours in the Printing and Book Arts center sorting lead type that had been left out for many days, months, even years. It can get to be quite a nightmare.

image: Mary Dougherty Photography

Yes, each of those tiny little pieces of metal is actually a character--a letter, number, or symbol. You can imagine how significant the nightmare can become if the pieces aren't correctly re-distributed back into the case after the letterpress job is done. Seriously, re-distribute your type, people!

I hung my drawer on the wall of our bedroom with a few favorite framed items. Then I filled it with jewelry and my smallest treasures. 

It makes me happy to have a special spot for my favorite little items like a muslin bag of lavender from my dearest friend's wedding and the delicate wood pendant made by the wonderful Deborah's husband. It's stamped with our names and wedding date; it is so special. I REALLY love being able to see each pair of my earrings in its spot. (PS--I initially got this idea from my friend Kaylan's pinboard. Check it out. Pinterest is THE BEST place for inspiration of all types!)

These wooden/hand-painted gems from Salvation Army in particular always seems to get lost in my collection--not today! 

Also -- My hair inspiration today (like most days) comes from my fave hair blogger, Reagan! Check her out.

seen | Erie Basin Antiques & an announcement

Today I stumbled across a Tumblr feed that absolutely captured me. Add "antique dealer" to my list of career paths to pursue. No really, I may try to get into the antique business in New York City. Ah, yes, New York--we have not quite filled you all in regarding our move, but here is the announcement with all the details and information I know.

About a month ago Luke was contacted by the head coach of the men's soccer team at Nyack College in Nyack, New York (just north of New York City) asking if he was interested in a graduate assistantship with the team. This means that Luke would serve as an assistant coach to the team while attending grad school. After a several day process of applying, chatting with head coach Keith Davie, and generally thinking/scrutinizing/praying about our options Luke was offered the assistantship and accepted it, positioning us to leave the wonderful south at the end of July (insert sad face here, with a crooked frown though, because I can't quite be sad since I'm actually really excited too). They offered him half tuition for his Master's degree in Organizational Leadership and a monthly stipend for his coaching responsibilities. They are also providing us with housing--a 1br apartment on campus--which we are extremely thankful for, seeing as we could never afford living so close to NYC on our own. So this is a very exciting move for us and I really cannot wait to live closer to my family and so close to NYC. I've always felt that I wanted to live there temporarily. Although this isn't the big city at all (see how our new town is situated right on the Hudson in the photo above?) I've already mapped out the public transportation to take me directly to Grand Central Station and it appears very easy. Yes, I'm incredibly excited.

Now that you're filled in, I need to share some of this amazing old stuff with you. I'll say it now and I'll say it forever: I LOVE OLD STUFF. This shop seems to specialize in artwork and jewelry, but the pristine photography is what makes these old pieces absolutely shine.


All images by Erie Basin. That last one especially is so charming. It makes me like this shop owner quite a bit, that amongst the glitz and glam they would be drawn to this piece.

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Have a beautiful day!