Dreaming Big

What are your big dreams? Have you decided to follow them, or has life gotten in the way? Sometimes dreams get put on the back burner because reality says you need to make more money or be more stable. Lately I can't ignore the fact that I need to bring my dreams back to the forefront and start making them a reality. The message has come in many forms and I've struggled a lot in the process. You see, when we moved here I felt like it was the perfect time to narrow down my creative abilities, my skills and my strengths, and figure out what I wanted to do so I could pursue that goal wholeheartedly. But it's easy to become afraid. Afraid of the bank account getting low, afraid of failure, afraid of how others will view you.

So I almost gave in. I met two great people who offered me a job at their well-known cake bakery. It sounded great and accepting it seemed like the logical thing to do. Luke and I need more income, I love to bake, they have a job for me--wasn't this a door that had been swung open in front of me? But I couldn't shake the feeling that it wasn't right. I prayed, I wrestled, I asked God to show me what to do. I tried to figure out why I didn't feel any excitement about it. On Monday I sat quietly in a beautiful gazebo in Central Park by myself, contemplating whether I should take it or dream bigger. I thought about my life, my abilities, my passions and where I'm headed in each of them. After a long time, I looked around to take in the setting. I noticed the plaque nailed to one of the natural tree trunk beams. It said the name of the gazebo in big capital letters: "A TREE HOUSE FOR DREAMING."

This morning, Luke and I each made a list of 5 things that we really want to see happen in our lives. His #2 was for me, for my dreams to be fulfilled. My #3 was for me, for my dreams to be fulfilled. Later on I called the wonderful folks at the bakery to tell them I wasn't going to accept their offer. The best way I could explain why was to tell them I had to pursue my dreams. I don't even know what that means for me now, but I'm trusting that this leap of faith--this risk--will lead me to things bigger than I could imagine for myself. I'm excited for this season of my life and I hope this resonates with some of you, that you might give life to some of your big dreams. Remember where they came from. Remember that the one who holds your destiny gave you all your dreams, thinks they're wonderful, and wants them for you, too. I'll leave you tonight with wise words from the Avett Brothers (which, of course, I heard tonight when I was again deeply contemplating my sitch): "Decide what to be and go be it."

So simple…right?

Top photo taken by me (attaches to right end of panorama). Above panorama taken by Luke atop a water tower in Honduras.