Fuzzy Crocheted Bow Headband

Okay, I promise I'll lay off the crochet projects after this.

I really like this headband. I thought about keeping it. I got the pattern for this hat here. The main difference in mine is that the yarn I used is very very thick, so I opted to sew on the bow since this yarn won't really gather.

I would write more, but today I had a real workout for the first time since Christmas. My body and brain are struggling.



{for sale}


Blue iPad Sleeve & A Giveaway

I'm so so excited to share this project! I'm so happy with how it turned out--anything that involves sewing is always a complete gamble for me, but this really came together somehow!

I began this project thinking it could be for Luke, but he ended up choosing a nice leather case for his iPad. I had crocheted the two outer pieces long ago and never completed the project it--until today!

I can't even adequately explain how I made this because I honestly don't know. I can tell you that I used a simple single crochet stitch to make two outer pieces which I crocheted together on three sides to make the shell. Then, using my sewing machine, I folded some fabric in half and stitched up the sides to make the liner. I then inserted the liner, hemmed the top edges and hand-stitched them to the crocheted shell. Lastly, I sewed a belt buckle and an old sash to the outside so you can enclose the iPad safely inside. In other words, I had a vague plan in mind, and from there I proceeded to wing it.

Do you have an iPad? We love ours. This sleeve will be really great to toss the iPad into when you want to carry it in your bag without risk of damage. The inside fabric is super soft and pretty, and will protect the screen from scratches and ugliness. Please go buy it here! It took hours to make and I'm selling it for a super affordable price. Because I love you.


Also, the elephant in the room is that I didn't make anything on Friday. Sigh. Stuff happens and there were some work-related things that came up--thus I bailed. But to make up for it, I have a little giveaway for you! YAY! While in Chicago for Christmas, I visited the most amazing spice shop. Luke's mom loves to frequent it when she visits, so his Aunt Becky took us there. Love at first sight.

This hot cocoa mix is incredible. The shop owner let me have a little taste and I really wanna keep it for myself, but to thank you for reading this month (& especially for buying!) I'm giving away this 8 oz. bag to one of you readers. Leave a comment letting me know what your go-to spice is and I'll pick a winner this Friday! For an extra entry, tweet a link to this blog post or post on Facebook (or both!) and leave an additional comment letting me know you did!


Thanks for your continued support. Keep reading & sharing! :)

Project 2 : Crocheted Heart Garland

I learned how to make these tiny hearts last year and I even kept some on our Christmas tree this season (they were the only ornaments my niece insisted she needed to take home with her). I learned how to make them here, although there are many tutorials for this type of thing online. When I had a good number, I just strung them together using a craft needle and yarn. They pretty much look cute anywhere.



For sale here.