Rosette Clothespins

I have a thing for clothespins. I use them everywhere! I stick magnets to the back of them and use them on my fridge (I've even been known to cut fabric to size for the front), I hot glue tacks to the back and use them on my corkboard, and I'm forever adding embellishments to cuten them up (that's right, I just said "cuten").

I have a clothespin stash that I dipped into for today's craft (which, yes, is beginning at 9:45pm. This whole make-a-craft-a-day thing is not as easy as it sounds). I got the rosette idea from Pinterest and then this craft pretty much made itself. Pretty much.

Here is the rosette tutorial. Have I ever mentioned how much I love glue guns? It's the perfect quick-fix/craft tool. (PS: My favorite ever Glee quote is from Terri Schuester in season 1: "It's not a bad thing, Will, to want a real life...or to have a glue gun that works!!!") Oh, and though it will make me sound like a huge clothespin-nerd, I have to mention that these aren't your everyday clothespins. They're not like the wimpy clothespins you buy in the store nowadays. These are strong, sturdy, hold-your-wet-clothes-on-the-line clothespins they used back in a time when you actually used them for clothes! I got them at a thrift store.

I feel like Anthropologie might sell these for $32.



For sale here. Tell your friends!

Blue & White Embossed Save the Dates

I'm creating two invitation suites this summer, each for very close friends. Both are very different to represent the two different styles and tastes of my friends and what they want for their weddings. I wanted to share Becca's Save the Dates with you today, and later on I'll show you Allison's as well.

Becca's wedding colors are based on the kilt Bobby will be wearing for their wedding. Two shades of blue and a thin stripe of red make up his tartan pattern, but to warm things up a bit I suggested she add in a shade of marigold. The red and marigold make a minimal appearance while the blue and white take front and center. I loved the bright white against the night blue, but the only way I was able to achieve that was by hand-stamping each number and embossing them one by one. It took some time, but the end result was totally worth it!