merry christmas



Merry Christmas to all of the wonderful people God has placed in our life!

The season for us so far has been busy and a bit stressful as we try to determine what's next for us in 2013, but we have been meditating on the fact that we have JOY because God decided not to remain distant from us, but instead he sent his Son--our hope, our light, our Savior--to live among us. The words echoing in my mind all this Christmas have been "Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel has come!"

I am so thankful that Jesus entered the world ultimately to save it for our joy and His glory. We wish you all the hope and gladness offered by our Lord and this wonderful season.


Luke and I recorded a Christmas song to share with our families this year and decided to post it here. Please forgive the poor quality and focus on the love with which it was recorded. :) We love you!



Hand-stitched Tiny Tree Tags

My blog has been lacking in the handmade aspect lately, which is a little pathetic considering the title. So, I give you the latest little project that's been occupying my hands recently! These are some cute little gift tags stitched by hand with embroidery thread on kraft-colored cover.

For sale in my etsy shop.

Paperfinger Holiday Products

I'm astounded at the creative ideas continually flowing from the brain of Paperfinger (aka my fab employer, Bryn). We have been working nonstop for the holidays and I want to share some of our products with you today. They're really fun and unique and feature the gorgeous calligraphy she's known for. Enjoy the eye candy, be inspired, and pop over to the Paperfinger shop!


1 & 2) Signature Gift Wrap Stamp Set

3 & 4) Presenting the Pinecone Greeting Card

5 & 6) Custom Calligraphy Ribbon

7) Gift Wrapping with Hand-Calligraphed Watercolor Tag


Baker Road | Holiday Vintage

I love to hunt down treasures in thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. Lately in my ventures I've been coming across various gems for Christmas and the holidays. Nothing warms my heart more than finding something that reminds me of Christmases when I was a kid, so along the way I began specificaly picking up those items. I recently thought to share this warmth with the (etsy) world.

Thus, Baker Road holiday vintage was born. I've listed my findings for sale in an online shop, so feel free to browse the fun and few items, although I have more to add (including some really fun vintage paper ephemera-you know that paper goods are my weakness).

Each item in some way sparked a memory of the Christmas decorations from my childhood. I try to reference the memory when applicable in the description, so each item has its own special story. Here are the first few items I've put up.