reloved | vintage bread box


Last week I dusted off one of my old relics and finally gave it the love it deserved. Over a year ago I posted this "before" of a bread box I grabbed at a yard sale for $2. 



I'm no refurbishing expert when it comes to painting anything. Painting intimidates me. So I basically sanded it down as best I could and then applied 4 layers of paint sloppily, wiping away excess paint after each layer. I didn't originally anticipate giving it a shabby look, but that's just what happened eventually as different layers went on in different thicknesses. The paint I was using was old and tacky, but since the look was imperfect I didn't mind. I'm too impatient to paint perfectly anyway.



I applied some colorful vintage wallpaper to the inside of the handle for a happy little detail. I left the "bread" plaque as-is, because the aged patina is just too good to mess up.

I wish I had a before shot of this kitchen shelf as it was set up before. It was getting a little too crowded and messy, which is what originally inspired me to redo the bread box and make it a part of the shelf in the first place. Now it's clean and simple, mixed with new and old, and makes me happy to look at. 



Is anybody doing anything fun this weekend? Luke and I are going to have a Shake Shack and thrifting date in the city tonight. I haven't seen much of him as he's been working so hard on his thesis this week for his Master's program. He's also the latest up-and-coming barista man at our favorite local joint. ;) I'm in major trouble with him working there! Best baked goods EVER!


Happy weekend! xo