goodbye ny



Shortly before we moved here from the South, Luke and I listened to this wonderful book by a lifelong native of NYC. We hoped it would acclimate us to the city and give us a bit of insight to understand, navigate, and experience it the best we could. At the time I found it difficult to really hear what the author was saying as he described locations and street names I'd never heard of or seen. Now that we're leaving, it seems only fitting to listen to the book again. After our time living nearby and frequently visiting the city, the stories are so much easier to place in my mind.

I'll miss New York. A year and a half isn't nearly long enough to even begin to get to know such a vast and interesting place. But we did our best to take advantage of the time we lived so close to this magical city, and I will always remember it.


View of the skyline before entering the Lincoln Tunnel

Honey at the Union Square GreenmarketRooftops and old lettering

The Tree at Rockefeller Center

New York TimesCommutingScenes from my only jog in the city

Lower Manhattan from the FDR highway

Walking on the High Line
Grand Central Terminal
Empire State sights
Manhattan Bridge from DUMBO, BrooklynPretty brownstones near the Paperfinger studio
Luke and I at Brooklyn Bridge Park

A Peek in our Library

Hi everyone! I'm just popping in for a quick post today. I know when I shared our screened-in porch I said I would be back to show you photos of a couple other spaces in our home, and I'm glad I snapped a few when everything was still intact! As of right now, our house is in full-blown packing mode and looking pretty empty. I can't believe tomorrow is my last day of work and we only have 4 days until we pack the cars and go! I'm trying to stay afloat, and Luke is doing a great job keeping me sane. He has packed up so much of our house while I've been at work...and I love him for it.

Today I wanted to show you one of our joint favorite nooks of the house. In the corner of the living room is a bookshelf that houses our little library. We both love books and the idea of having a library in our future home, and this is definitely a humble beginning. There are lots of books we love that aren't seen here, but these things take time. I'll point out a couple of my favorite details while you take a closer look...

1) Budvase of lavender, memento from my best friend Mary's beautiful wedding.

2) Vintage Kodak Instamatic I found for $2 at an antique store.

3) One of the vintage dessert plates from our wedding.

4) The tiniest pewter frame for which I have not yet found the perfect tiniest photo.

5) Sailboat drawing by Mary, a wedding gift.

6) This was a "birthday present" for Luke last year. I definitely had personal motives in mind with this one.

7)  One of three globe bookends I've picked at yard sales. I guess I've started a collection.

8) Luke and I each subscribe to one magazine. My pick is Real Simple, his is Outside.


It's fun to walk over to the bookshelf and choose a book I haven't read in awhile. Speaking of things you haven't read in awhile, do any friends spy books that belong to you? I've been bad about returning in the past...I promise to be better!

We're off to spend a much-anticipated evening with great friends. I'm sad to leave these amazing people but so glad for the brief time we had getting to know them. I'll try to check in on Monday but I think it will be really hectic, so we'll see...have a beautiful weekend!