Stitched Fabric Basket

It's the last day of January! I wish I had a really epic project to end out the month a handmade bedframe. Or an armoir or something. Sorry, January's ending with a basket. Or me as a basket case. One or the other.

Today's project was slated to be a set of three. But I only squeaked out this one lowly, crooked, charming-in-its-handmadeness fabric basket. Oh, plans, how you are so well intended but scarcely carried out.


I like the pink base.

I like clothespins.

And I like how the floor looks after two days of projects and no cleanup.


So that's that! I can't believe how fast the end of the month snuck up on me. Tomorrow I'll be back to share my personal response to the January Project and share the final-ish outcome with you. I have to say how much I appreciate that you've been reading and bearing with me this month! I have so many nice things to say to you. But for now I'm just a bit exhausted. They'll have to wait.

Goodnight January.