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Let's see...pretty calligraphy, letterpress and watercolor details. I'm in love with the 2012 calendar from greengirlpress! Amy Rau is the mastermind behind greengirl and a really wonderful printer friend to me. When I was first learning the ins and outs of letterpress, she was always there to share her knowledge and encourage me. She was the one who printed Allison's invitations beautifully and I'm really excited that she has agreed to print another invitation suite for me this summer!

Amy was kind enough to send me one of her 2012 calendars and I'm so glad she did...I've been especially loving February this month with the sweet little heart. :) Check out all the months below with spotlights on some of my faves, and please do check out Amy's website and etsy!




Baker Road | Holiday Vintage

I love to hunt down treasures in thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. Lately in my ventures I've been coming across various gems for Christmas and the holidays. Nothing warms my heart more than finding something that reminds me of Christmases when I was a kid, so along the way I began specificaly picking up those items. I recently thought to share this warmth with the (etsy) world.

Thus, Baker Road holiday vintage was born. I've listed my findings for sale in an online shop, so feel free to browse the fun and few items, although I have more to add (including some really fun vintage paper ephemera-you know that paper goods are my weakness).

Each item in some way sparked a memory of the Christmas decorations from my childhood. I try to reference the memory when applicable in the description, so each item has its own special story. Here are the first few items I've put up.

Spotlight On | Sweet_ness 7

I'm a sucker for a great coffee shop. Combine an inspiring space with strong coffee, tasty food and friendly faces, and you've got a total winner in my book. At Sweet_ness 7 in Buffalo, NY they've gone above and beyond to achieve that atmosphere. Ornate victorian-style ceilings soar above you. A gigantic industrial table sits in the middle of the room, able to seat nearly 20. Shelves line the wall behind the cafe counter. And the food is excellent. When it comes to breakfast, they're our staple--Luke and I are especially in love with their egg sandwich! Give me a homemade oversized english muffin layered with egg, melted cheese and sliced tomato and I'm a very happy girl. Add a big mug of black coffee into the mix and all you'll hear from my side of the table are happy sighs for the next 10 minutes. 

The other thing that makes this cafe so winning is its not-so-trendy location. Buffalo's west side has suffered from disinvestment for the past few decades and the surrounding neighborhoods have fallen into major disrepair. This beautiful space gives me hope for a really bright future, both for this area and Buffalo as a whole. So props to Prish Morgan, owner of Sweet_ness, for moving such a SWEET little shop into an area that needed some love! Here are a few photos I snapped on Friday when Luke and I popped in for our usual.


spotlight on | Miss Louise Vintage



I want to share one of my recent purchases with you. My childhood friend Shayna opened Miss Louise Vintage on Etsy not too long ago, and I've been constantly eyeing up the items she picks at thrift stores, flea markets, auctions and the like. She has such savvy style and a great eye for vintage. When she posted this gorgeous handmade apron, I knew I had to have it. 



I had never worn an apron in my life until I began working at a bakery. Then it became necessary to wear one every single day. Pretty aprons started catching my eye, but this one is supremely lovely. I absolutely love the vintage florals and the yellow/marigold hues. And, as you can see by the last picture, it's reversible! The reverse side has a sweet little teardrop-shaped pocket. To top it off, Shayna packaged it up in the cutest wrapping, making it a treat to receive in the mail.



I can't wait to wear this to work--the perfect summery apron. Please check out Miss Louise Vintage. The prices are so reasonable and you'll be inspired. Thanks again for the lovely apron, Shayna! xo