seen | Jeremy Miranda

I often wonder, if I had the bigger bucks to shell out in support of a talented artist, what kind of artwork would I choose? For now my wall decor is limited to found objects, vintage (read: thrifted) prints, and artwork of friends.

I came across Jeremy Miranda's paintings awhile ago and immediately fell in love with his work. I love his loose style and imagined landscapes. Here are a few of his works that I can see on the walls of my home (this first one, entitled "Cabin", is my favorite).







 His blog is here. His work is for sale on etsy here.


Seen | A Year in New York

Yesterday Bryn and spent the day running the Paperfinger holiday booth at Sotheby's for their annual bazaar. Afterwards Bryn called her cab back to Brooklyn and I began walking in search of a subway station to take me to Port Authority to meet my bus.

20 minutes later and with no luck finding a station or hailing a cab, I realized I was going to miss my usual 5:20 bus. So I decided to walk.


Best decision ever. I walked down 72nd street to Park Ave, which was newly lit with Christmas trees all the way down. I cut over on 59th towards Central Park to see the Plaza Hotel. That took me to the very southeast corner end of the park and a very exciting circle that held the Plaza, the Apple Store and FAO Schwartz. Then I walked down Avenue of the Americas through Rockefeller Center. Finally, I turned to walk down 42nd street right through Times Square.


The long walk was full of twinkling lights, bustling people and reminders of why I love New York City. Sometimes I still can't believe I get to work here. It's not always that charming (crazy traffic that never ever ends, nonstop horn blasts, terrible smells, grime, crime, etc. etc.) but I get to do this right now--and for that I am super grateful, even giddy.

So when I came across this video on the Design Crush blog this morning I had to share it. It is so beautifully done and it had me smiling the whole time with its little bits and pieces of the city that the artist caught over a year's time. Take a couple minutes and watch and listen--something about this video will take you away.


A Year in New York from Andrew Clancy on Vimeo.


Mary Snow: Artist & Letterer

This amazing HAND-PAINTED lettering was done by my lifelong friend Mary Snow. Her work never ceases to blow me away.

She is so good at all she does. It's so serendipitous that shortly after I got my job with Paperfinger, Mary informed me that she had recently decided to pursue calligraphy! Calligraphy is all around me! It's a beautiful thing. I know Mary will continue to do beautiful work and I will keep you up on it, but please check out her website here in the meantime. 

Seen: State Bird Prints from Dutch Door Press

Aren't these letterpress prints of state birds and flowers from Dutch Door Press stunning? I don't think I can resist buying up the Pennsylvania and North Carolina prints for our new apartment...a little spin on the state plates idea we displayed at our wedding.

Maybe, for fun, I'll get our current state pretty!

Did you grow up knowing your state bird and state flower? My mom made sure this information was covered in our homeschool repertoire. I've never seen the Ruffled Grouse look so good as in the PA print, but I must say I'm not exactly partial to Mountain Laurel and I'm a little jealous that New Hampshire gets to claim Lilac as their state's my absolute fave.

Red, White & Blue Roundup

Happy 4th! Luke and I are spending the holiday at his grandparents' cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains (where we got engaged!) for some family time before we move. The cabin is the most relaxing place in the entire world. It's a welcome retreat from the craziness we are about to experience! Just to break it down for you, here's our schedule for the rest of July...



In August we can finally get settled into our apartment. What a whirlwind. It just dawned on me yesterday that when we pack up and leave SC, we will have to be pre-packed for both Allison's wedding and our mission trip to Honduras...yikes! I'm a terrible packer, so that should be interesting. 

In any case, I have a red, white & blue roundup to inspire your life today. I hope you enjoy and have a fun-filled fourth of July!



Photo Credits: Red dress, Red Bike from source unknown (found via Pinterest), White bedroom from this month's issue of House Beautiful (found via Sacramento Street blog), Denim Blue skirt from Sempster (found via Creature Comforts blog), Watermelon Cocktail from Epicurious (found via Mint blog), white doilies from Pretty Light blog, blue walls with tub from bluepoolroad blog, white flowers from saipua, red and white felt purses from canvas home store


seen | What caught my eye this week...

I'm having a relaxing morning at home with Luke before we head out to start our day. He brought me coffee and cereal with bananas this morning while I collected some favorite links from the week--what a sweet man! Here are some of my favorite finds this week, hope you enjoy!


Amazed by this gorgeous outdoor party a husband threw for his wife (also seen above)...I'm thinking he had a little help ;)

A great new Tumblr filled with photos of awesome people hanging out together

My beautiful friend Hillary has her own clothing line...and she's hosting a fantastic giveaway over on her blog!

This will be me taking in New York City in a few months

I was late on the bandwagon finding this commercial, but it's too good to miss

I've been wanting to learn how make homemade sprinkles for awhile. I'm so excited to finally try it!

I've been loving this mermaid braid lately

And if you missed my posts on Tolstoy's inspired words or homemade kohlrabi this week, check them out too! 


PS, I have to share something so exciting: last night I met two of the most awesome blogging celebrities, John & Sherry (and their adorable Clara) from Young House Love!!! They were eating at Mellow Mushroom when Luke and our friends & I were there. I was SO nervous and excited to say hi and introduce myself. Their blog has been one of my absolute favorites for years. They were totally kind and gracious (I was stammering all over the place, but I do remember I said I'm a cupcake baker and Sherry replied "that's why you're so sweet!" aww!), I truly felt privileged to meet such an awesome pair. This amazing blogging duo operate under the same mindset as one of the most wise & accomplished men I know, Luke's granddad Cliff, and that is "if you don't know how to do something, learn how and do it yourself." Their blog is MUCHO successful and I just love it. If you've never read it, check it out NOW! Thanks for making my night, John & Sherry!

I hope you all have a fantastic, sunny Saturday and relaxing Sunday! xoxo

seen | Erie Basin Antiques & an announcement

Today I stumbled across a Tumblr feed that absolutely captured me. Add "antique dealer" to my list of career paths to pursue. No really, I may try to get into the antique business in New York City. Ah, yes, New York--we have not quite filled you all in regarding our move, but here is the announcement with all the details and information I know.

About a month ago Luke was contacted by the head coach of the men's soccer team at Nyack College in Nyack, New York (just north of New York City) asking if he was interested in a graduate assistantship with the team. This means that Luke would serve as an assistant coach to the team while attending grad school. After a several day process of applying, chatting with head coach Keith Davie, and generally thinking/scrutinizing/praying about our options Luke was offered the assistantship and accepted it, positioning us to leave the wonderful south at the end of July (insert sad face here, with a crooked frown though, because I can't quite be sad since I'm actually really excited too). They offered him half tuition for his Master's degree in Organizational Leadership and a monthly stipend for his coaching responsibilities. They are also providing us with housing--a 1br apartment on campus--which we are extremely thankful for, seeing as we could never afford living so close to NYC on our own. So this is a very exciting move for us and I really cannot wait to live closer to my family and so close to NYC. I've always felt that I wanted to live there temporarily. Although this isn't the big city at all (see how our new town is situated right on the Hudson in the photo above?) I've already mapped out the public transportation to take me directly to Grand Central Station and it appears very easy. Yes, I'm incredibly excited.

Now that you're filled in, I need to share some of this amazing old stuff with you. I'll say it now and I'll say it forever: I LOVE OLD STUFF. This shop seems to specialize in artwork and jewelry, but the pristine photography is what makes these old pieces absolutely shine.


All images by Erie Basin. That last one especially is so charming. It makes me like this shop owner quite a bit, that amongst the glitz and glam they would be drawn to this piece.

One last quick thing: you'll notice on my sidebar I've added Google Friend Connect to my blog. If you would sign in and become a follower, I'd love it! I will soon be adding an e-mail subscription option for those who wish to receive updates by email. You can always subscribe to my RSS feed via the link above or by typing into your Google Reader (that's what I use, I love it).

Have a beautiful day!

seen | Lovely Letterpress Prints (& giveaway winner!)

It's still early on Saturday and I'm entertaining the notion to go for a jog. I have a lot I want to accomplish around the house before work today, so I'm enjoying this quiet time before the bustling begins.

I spotted these wonderful letterpress prints by Tag Team Thompkins over on Paper Crave the other day. I love everything about them from the gorgeous hand-lettering and papercut images to the monochromatic palette and the lovely quotes. I could see a small set of these hanging in a bedroom or lining a hallway.

Aren't they sweet? And so reasonably priced. I have a couple people in mind I want to get one of these for. And yes, these do increase my desire to learn calligraphy.

Oh, and thank you to all who entered my giveaway! I had so much fun reading about your favorite products and scents, your creations and memories. I used to choose a winner for the handmade soap and Sylvia, it was you! I will be contacting you soon so I can send your prize.

Photo credits: Paper Crave via Tag Team Thompkins(1, 2, 3)

seen | Stunning calligraphy

When I was working at Sassafras Flowers and Gifts in Rochester last year, we received a piece of mail that immediately stood out from the rest. Tucked inside a hand-addressed kraft mailer was a delicately wrapped package. After I carefully peeled away what seemed like layers and layers of beautiful tissue, wonderful textiles, and bits of colorful washi tape, a tiny envelope was revealed. This envelope contained expertly calligraphed name cards by Primele which we used to label some of our token products. I was enamored.

I was also reminded of two key points for a craftsperson. One, presentation is everything. I felt like it was Christmas morning as I held the Primele package--full of anticipation and curiosity as I unwrapped. If I'm presenting my product, that's how I would love for someone to feel when they receive it. Two, details matter. Calligraphed labels for flowers and gifts might seem overly extravagant, but it shows that personal care and attention have gone into the tiniest details. That is why I'm a huge fan of calligraphy. Here are some snippets from one of my other favorite calligraphers, paperfinger

Love that last image from a collaboration she did with my absolute favorite food blog (so many pretty pictures), Sunday Suppers.

So, you probably saw this coming, but I've been entertaining the thought of learning calligraphy myself. What do you think?


photo credits: Mary Dougherty Photography (1), paperfinger (2, 3) Sunday Suppers (4)