Our Screened-in Porch: A Peaceful Place

In just a little over two weeks, Luke and I will be leaving our first home and moving somewhere new. I have to be honest and say that when it comes to change, excitement usually wins out over sentimentality for me. I love our beautiful home and I'm so grateful that the first nine months of our marriage were spent here, but I don't dread leaving because I know something else awaits us. I know it involves downsizing significantly and living in a building full of other people, but I think it will be fun and exciting. I also can't wait to tackle our new small space with functional and inspirational solutions (and share them with you!).

I'm going to try to document some spaces around our house until we leave. I'm bringing you one of my favorites first: the screened-in porch. I love relaxing and eating meals out here. I put some time and, as you'll see, not a lot of money into making it feel special. I'm so glad I did, because here's what it looked like after a winter of neglect:

Dead tree, dead leaves, a random saw, spiders galore...scary! 

 Here's what it looks like now:



The rug and matching patio furniture was there when we moved in, but mostly everything else in the room was picked at a thrift store or yard sale, starting with the light above the table. I got it at a yard sale for $5. It was painted a bright teal color when I bought it.


I knew that I wanted to tone it down, so I spent maybe 10 minutes dabbing a rag soaked with white acrylic paint all over the surface.


You're familiar with the chairs that surround the table, and the table itself was scored for just $10 at a yard sale. Unbelievable, right? Perfect for sharing meals.


I got the round lace tablecloth and all of the antique blue budvases at thrift stores. The tablecloth was 99 cents and I paid no more than 75 cents for each budvase.


The lanterns were dusty and worn when Luke's grandmom bought them for me at her favorite antique market. I took them apart, cleaned them up and bought new wicks and lamp oil for them--now they're good as new!

They're so lovely in the evening...


My dad picked up the cool wine crates off the side of the road for me because he knew I'd love them. For now, I'm using them as side tables. The hand-painted lamp was $1 at a thrift store.


The colorful Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs were purchased from two separate yard sales for a total of 3 or 4 dollars. I thought they were fun and cheerful, but I don't think they'll make the move.


This garden table I use for my seedlings is perfect. I mentioned before that I got it at a yard sale for $3. Speaking of which, check out that post and see the difference in the baby plants! It's like a jungle now!


The two plant tables below were found at a thrift store and flea market for a few bucks apiece. I had intentions to paint both of them, but their purpose is served well just the way they are. Both of the plants (jade on the left, peperomia on the right) were gifts from Luke on two consecutive Valentine's days.


Last but not least, the oriental throw rug from this post found its home on the back porch. I love stepping out of the house and having it lead me to such a peaceful place.


So that's our screened-in porch. It's an easily neglected room which can be one of the most enjoyable if you show it a little love! After you are done perusing the photos, leave a comment and tell me: have you ever realized the potential of a neglected area of your home and revitalized it?

picked | Bread Box & Throw Rug

I'm in love with thrift/antique store shopping and yard saling. In my new category of blog posts "picked" I'll share some of my finds with you, and later on post about what I did with them (so you know I'm not secretly a hoarder!). I see lots of hidden potential in things. Once, in a cluttered flea market booth, Luke commented "I look at this room and think, 'What is all this crap?' but you look at it and think, 'There could be something here.'" He was right. I never look past anything based on its current state--I patiently look, I love the search,and I pick things based on their potential, often changing them later to appeal to my taste. 

I love the lettering and the slightly vintage/worn on this $1.50 bread box. I haven't decided what exactly I'm going to do with it, but I'm definitely going to update it in some way.

This $3 throw rug (2' x 3') from another yard sale is inside the front door currently. Don't know where its home will ultimately be. Maybe the screened-in porch.

I got some dorky crafting stuff too, but that's boring to anyone but me. I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing Saturday today! I had a somewhat lazy evening after a crazy day at work...we accomplished our first wedding delivery & setup for a gorgeous wedding at The Dairy Barn in Fort Mill. Proud of my boss and how well the bakery is doing. I often feel so lucky to have my job!

For weekend inspiration, I'll share this gorgeous home tour with you (courtesy of Apartment Therapy). I pretty much died at every photo. It's kind of my dream space...I may have to copy that vintage plate wall from all our leftover wedding dishes!