homemade gnocchi

Gnocchi is delicious. And although this wasn't the more common potato variety stuffed with a yummy, cheesy filling, they were still awesome because they were homemade.

I'm on a vegetarian cooking kick. My husband is the least picky eater ever, which is the best. It was actually his idea to try to eat more vegetarian meals. Nice going, Luke.



Isn't there just something about kneading dough? I've always wanted to get into breadmaking. I just love that process of creating and working the dough.


After rolling out the dough into long strips, I cut them into pieces and shaped them with fork prongs. To make them fancy. BTW, I used this recipe.



The swiss chard was straight out of Richard and Stella Novack's garden. So, so, so good. I had the privelege of sitting in the garden with their daughter, Mary, my very dear friend, while they picked me a vegetable goodie bag last week.



Luke was a little more excited about the meal than he looks. I think. :) Recipe here.

What are you doing this weekend? We're driving to Pennsylvania and back for the second weekend in a row. My cutesy nieces are having a triple birthday party (my brother and sis-in-law are smart -- three birds one stone).


An inspiring story (one I can appreciate as a former waitress) about a man's last wish.

One of my very sweet girlfriends is having a baby. Eek!

This had me laughing out loud. Yeah, you're ridiculous, real Yelp users.

Really cool company selling shoes to empower women.


happy weekend!



Summer Pasta Salad with Basil Vinaigrette


I rarely make the time to prepare dinner these days, and I know it's about to get worse with our transition to New York. That's partially why I made the effort last night. It was also partially to start clearing out the fridge and partially because I spotted this recipe for Basil Vinaigrette and just had to try it. Recently my basil plant bolted (grew rapidly and then flowered), and since then I've had an abundance of basil I'm not using up. While I was making the vinaigrette I thought how delicious it would be on pasta salad. It's amazing what random food items you can use up in a yummy pasta salad (full recipe below). I grilled some chicken to toss on top and used my go-to recipe for roasted asparagus (so amazingly good) as a side, but it was the vinaigrette that really made this meal outstanding. 



homegrown | The Growing Corner



This tiny seedlings have become a really exciting part of my day. If you think that makes me sound like a loser--okay, it might make me sound slightly like a loser, but still--you've probably never grown anything from seed! It's amazing what a tiny little seed produces. I love noticing all the different leaves and growing patterns. I'm excited that they all seem to be growing so well and I'm definitely going to celebrate the first bud I see! Here is the garden corner of the screened-in porch, where the seedlings are protected but still get plenty of sun.



I found the table at a yard sale for $3. It's ruggedly perfect, especially when I water the seedlings and the water seeps out all over the tabletop, and I don't worry about any damage being done. I entertained the thought of replacing the odd legs, but I don't think it's worth it at this point.



The little seedling markers make me smile, too. I found the banner stamp at a yard sale along with the gold embossing powder (a whopping 25 cents apiece), 'cause every garden needs some glam.


homegrown | Starter Pots

Today it was 80 degrees! Once I get myself out in the nice weather I'm always motivated to work outside a bit, so today after an early evening run I began a project I've been meaning to dive into for awhile. This summer Luke and I are trying to grow some of our own veggies (I already started my spinach), and I finally had a chance to prep the starter pots. I just have to choose what I'm going to plant (it will be a small assortment of vegetables, herbs and flowers) and make sure it makes sense with the growing season. I'm a total newbie to gardening, but so excited to finally give it a shot. Can't wait to show you what I plant!