our little cliff

Our son is coming in late April, which means I am more than halfway through my pregnancy. It's gone by so fast, although I still find myself getting impatient--waiting for my baby bump to show up a bit more, feeling anxious about giving birth, excitedly anticipating his tiny body in my arms.

I feel incredibly grateful and downright lucky that my pregnancy so far has been wonderful. I had a few days of nausea here and there in my first 12ish weeks, and since then I've suffered a handful of bad headaches, but other than that I've felt great. I do remember the crazy fatigue of my first trimester, though...poor Luke was waking up at 5:30am every day for training and I would finally drag myself out of bed no later than 9. And we were going to bed at the same time every night!

My energy is back now, and at 23 weeks I'm beginning to show a little more, but mostly I feel like he must be a little peanut. I love his kicks and jabs (except when they seem to be directed at my always full bladder...and occasionally my bowels? is that weird?) and it's crazy when he kicks me hard enough that I jump a little. One of my favorite times feeling him move happened a few weeks ago when I felt him start to kick around frantically and I put my hand on the side of my lower belly where it just so happened he must have been smushed up. He was shifting, or turning, and I felt a whole leg or arm or torso move against my hand like a little snake. Not the nicest comparison, I know. It did kind of freak me out. Still, I wanted to feel it again and again in the days since, but I haven't felt anything quite like that again.

My favorite thing is when Luke talks to him. He insists Cliff can hear him best through my belly button, and sometimes he whispers so I can't hear what he's saying. I try to tell him no secrets allowed, but he says it's just guy talk.

We spent two weeks away in December visiting family and friends all over the east coast. It was wonderful--Cliff is so blessed by his generous loved ones. Now that it's the new year, I find that I'm really excited to begin getting ready for our sweet baby a little bit more.

Cliff, you little stinker, I am so excited to welcome you into our family. You will be so loved in this world. You have the best daddy ever and I hope you grow up to be just like him. Thank you for being such a good little baby already and being kind to me in the womb. I know you will be born before we know it, but until then I promise to take care of you the best I can as you hang out inside my body. You are my little buddy and I love you.