advent | peace


My sweet friend Megan created a "word-a-day" writing challenge for Advent--check it out on her blog and join in if you wish!

A season of peace so appeals to me. So often I find myself in a place of unrest--from an overloaded work or personal schedule, as I wrestle with big decisions, when I feel bogged down by the worries and cares of life--and I choose to walk in that rather than surrendering my burdens to the Lord who came to bring peace. The passage above in Isaiah is entitled "Birth and Reign of the Prince of Peace". How amazing is it that this was one of the chief goals of Jesus' birth? To bring peace into our world (when he comes again there will be no more war) and into our souls (when he comes again there will be no more unrest)! Isaiah 9:7 says "There will be no end to the increase...of peace." Such a beautiful reminder for our often restless hearts.

This season I am choosing to walk in peace. I have never followed any kind of reading program for Advent, but my friend Melissa contributed the lovely artwork for this book and I began it this morning. It's geared towards families with children, but I love it so far. I know it will be good for my soul.