the unknown


I woke up wanting granola, so I made some. It's nice to be able to cook something up in my own kitchen after a summer of not being able to make our own food. It's a pleasant morning. I took some time to admire our tiny balcony garden and thought about what a nice weekend we had with friends and family. So many people asked us what we're doing next, since Luke is finished with his grad school and commitment with the soccer team in December, and we kept saying we don't know, we can't know yet--we like Nyack but we could go anywhere, Luke will be keeping his eye out for anything that opens up, but it's a saturated field, we love our friends and church here and I love my job so there are many reasons to stay, but no, we have no idea where we'll settle down.

The other day Luke voiced a question, what if we stayed here? I like Nyack, he said. I do too, I said, but inside I was frightened at the thought of STAYING somewhere.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, moved to even more rural western New York for college, spent summers in Savannah and Charlotte, moved to Rochester after graduation, when we got married we relocated to South Carolina and then came up to Nyack last fall, with a recent stint in West Virginia. And I love it. I think I'm nomadic by nature. I get restless, antsy, anticipant, always wondering what adventure is next. I worry that I'll never want to settle down anywhere.

So what is next for us? 



 I guess we'll find out in December.