the cabin

This past weekend we were lucky enough to get to visit Luke's grandparents at the cabin. It was a really special time as we haven't seen them since we moved up to New York. They hold such a special place in our hearts, as does the amazing place they call home for six months out of the year -- this is the place Luke asked me to spend my life with him.


January 2, 2010

I love the cabin because of the significance it holds in Luke's family history, and now ours. I love it because it's a place of refuge, full of peace and relaxation. Cell phones don't work there. It's full of books and old things. It was built from the ground up by Luke's granddad and family members--each strip of molding around the windows painstakingly measured, sawed, and stained by hand. Every cabinet door and handle, even the bed in the master bedroom was created specifically for this space. Luke remembers helping out as a boy with some of these various projects during its construction and he's sat down for countless meals on the back porch looking over the most amazing view. The very first time he brought me to the cabin, I knew instantly it was a rare and special place. Who wouldn't love it here? The moment you walk in the door you can feel the weight of the world melt off of your shoulders. I feel priveleged to be part of this family and get to share in this gift of a place.

The best thing about the cabin, though, are the conversations Luke and I have shared with his grandparents there. The cabin walls and mountain air seem to be an invaluable tool for getting to know these two beautiful people. This weekend we had long, fascinating conversations all about their childhoods, families, and early marriage. These conversations teach me more about life and love than could be read in any book. Their lives are an example of what it means to live sacrificially. I am blessed to learn from their wise ways. Just look at this man!





This is an older photo taken of my mother-in-law, Lola, but I love it because it is the epitomy of cabin life.



I wish I never had to leave!


But now we're on to the next thing -- spending the week in High Point, NC (Luke's hometown), where the Warriors are running soccer camps at Luke's old high school. We're staying with good friends Austin and Rachel who are the kindest hosts. Later this week I get to see my in-laws and Charlotte friends and stuff my face with these, hopefully!