wild and wonderful west virginia

I've arrived in West Virginia to spend the next month and a half with Luke! It was a whirlwind week. Last Wednesday morning at 1:15am, my two sweet friends Courtney and Tawnie drove me into the city to catch an overnight bus to DC (thank you girls!!).

Bye NYC! Times building at 1am

Four hours later, I arrived to Union Station to catch another bus to Christiansburg, VA, where Luke drove to meet me. This was my first time traveling a decent distance on a bus (10 hrs total), and I would definitely recommend Megabus. My entire journey cost $44 total, the bus was a double-decker with WiFi and outlets, and I didn't have a seat-mate for the second leg of my trip, so I was able to sleep easily.

When I met up with Luke at the final stop, my heart was completely giddy with excitement to see him. It had been over a month (the longest we've EVER been apart!) and I was so ready to share life with him again. My normal had become a daily life without him--and that's not exactly what I had in mind when I married him! I'm so thankful to be back together again. It's been completely blissful. He was so so sweet in how he prepared for me to arrive. He spent hours cleaning our little shanty (this is the name we've given to the place we're staying this summer) and he bought some new flowers and plants to brighten up our little porch. Don't know why I deserve such an amazing man, but I am sure thankful for him and the love we share! I don't want to be apart for a month ever again!



After a yummy dinner at Cabo Fish Taco (a Charlotte favorite we found in Christiansburg!) we stocked up on some necessities that I couldn't fit in my luggage (towels, dishware, etc.) and headed back to WV where I met a number of Luke's soccer players. So far I have been super impressed with this group of (mostly college-age) guys. They are such nice guys. I got to go to my first Warriors game on Friday! In true West Virginia fashion, we enjoyed a little pre-game and post-game entertainment from a bluegrass quartet. Awesome.



The Warriors worked incredibly hard to earn their first win of the season. I was SO glad to be there to see it. Fireworks and bluegrass were enjoyed by all for the occasion. Everyone was super excited. :)



I have to tell you all, West Virginia is a totally different world than New York. Before I left home to join Luke here, he said to me "Margaret, you just came home from a foreign country (referring to Costa Rica), and you're about to enter another one." He was right. However, it is also absolutely breathtakingly beautiful here--mountains, rivers, blue blue skies, and so much lushness and green you wouldn't even believe it. I already have quite a few stories that I want to share with you. I also have a couple of posts and photos from Costa Rica that I want to share! I've really fallen out of touch with blogging and often don't have the patience or desire to make it a priority. What makes me want to keep at it the most is thinking of how much I love reading YOUR blogs--Kaylan, Arryn and Heather just had beautiful little babies I could look at every day, Melody makes all kinds of wonderful things and is creative in every way, Mary beautifully documents weddings and her personal goings-on...this list could go on and on.

In light of that, I'm going to try to keep you updated on my West Virginia happenings. I want to introduce you to Jerry and Mrs. Alice at Kirk's Market, Gayle and Layla and their horse Denali, and my favorite coffee shop, the Chestnut Revival. We're going to have a fun summer.