25th birthday

My 25th birthday was seriously wonderful. I'm so blessed with a husband who was incredibly over-the-top in his thoughtfulness and kindness and love all weekend, an amazing family who sent me treats, wonderful friends who called/texted/facebooked and everyone who went out of their way to wish me well! Thank you so much to you all.

I thoroughly advise having your birthday on a Sunday so you can call that weekend "birthday weekend." It was very effective. Some people try to pull off the whole "birthday week" shenanigan, and I commend them. But in my experience, those around you will begin to feel suspect and it's hard to keep it going. Oh, but birthday WEEKEND is perfect. It will go something like this:

Wake up on Saturday and it will be a gorgeous, flawless day. Your husband will announce that it is birthday weekend and then treat you to a latte and a delicious egg sandwich (you all know how I love egg sandwiches!) from a local establishment. Then you will take a leisurely walk on some local trails. That will be the perfect start to birthday weekend.

Although your husband will have to spend the day in class and you the afternoon catching up on work, you will pick up on birthday festivities later on at your friend's band's show. Good music, good friends, good times.

On Sunday, don't worry if you get a little frustrated trying to decide what to wear to church as you rush to get out the door. It won't ruin your brithday. It's a perfect day outside and you'll get a pour-over coffee before church even though it makes you 7 minutes late. Your friend's band is now the worship band at church, score. Your pastor will give a rockin' sermon from the end of the book of John. You will be so happy you go to this church on your birthday. After it leaks to several people that it is your birthday, you'll get some birthday hugs. Yay!

THEN it will come to your attention that there is a Nyack street fair today! You'll get birthday treats from the street fair! There is too much awesomeness in this day. After that, you and your husband will spend the rest of the day in New York walking, shopping, and ultimately eating one of the best meals of your life. Holy smokes. This birthday rocks.


Here are some birthday photos!

High Line above / Chelsea Market below

The Chelsea Market was one of the coolest places ever!

Spying on some bakers

Relaxing in Madison Square Park

Ready for dinner!

We went to Craft for dinner thanks to Doug and Phyllis Gaerte who generously gave us a gift card! THANK YOU SO MUCH DOUG AND PHYLLIS! I cannot even form words that describe how good the food was. We both got seafood and had ramps for the first time (highly recommend them). I got scallops and Luke got swordfish. There was a creamy, lemony, incredible risotto that we enjoyed too. And they personalized a menu for my birthday! That was a fun surprise. I came back from the bathroom and there it was. I thought Luke had called in beforehand, but he said he had not, and then we realized they must have seen my tweet! Are you kidding me Craft?


So that's my birthday in a nutshell. I feel so happy and blessed by all the love shown to me this past weekend. Thank you! I love you! I'm excited to be 25. WOW, I just had that moment when it really dawns on you that you are your age...I'M 25! How did this happen?!?