Relic, Remade | Vintage Makeup Case

Today's project was something REmade! I've had this cool, vintage, mustard-colored case around for some time, intending to eventually rehab it for craft storage. When I first got it from a thrift store, it was pretty filthy and smelled yucky inside, but I saw some potential.


The first thing I did was drench it in baking soda for a few days to get rid of the smell (it worked!), then spent several hours scrubbing it inside and out. Though my intentions were good, this project then sat in closets, moving boxes, a storage unit and another closet until today!

I knew I wanted to replace the weird fabric inside the lid and the little pocket inside the case. I ripped out that musty stuff and, using some beautiful fabric that I picked up from Fabrika during a visit to Savannah, I sewed a replacement pocket using some very suspect sewing techniques (Margaret sewing = Margaret winging it). The odd panel of fabric inside the lid is fastened with some very strong snaps, but it was just a covered piece of cardboard, so I hot glued fabric to match. It looks cute. Perhaps a mirror could go there?


I really loved the vintage little tag on the old liner, so I removed it and glued it onto the new pocket. It makes me happy there. Oh, and in case you wondered, this pocket is held on with velcro in case you want to take it out.


Yay for giving something old a new life! There are endless ways to use this carrier. Its original purpose was for makeup. I was going to store some craft supplies in it before I decided to sell it. What would you use it for?