A Salvaged Project & A Winner!

So, remember the caramel I made the other day? Remember how I said it was ruined? Well...let's just say that term is relative. My mom and I have been sampling the "ruined" caramel all morning and have deemed it salvageable, so I made it into a delicacy today. I'm thinking a delicacy of the smoked variety. I'm now calling them "Smoky Sea Salt Caramels". Ha! I actually really like them and I'm going to sell them in my etsy shop, but if you buy them and think they're inedible, I'll give you all your money back. Pinky swear.



I spent a lazy chatty Saturday afternoon at the kitchen table in my parents' home, talking to my mom and dad, hand-sewing little wax paper packages for the chocolates. A nice way to busy my hands during conversation and certainly an adorable packaging option. For sale here!


We have a giveaway winner, too!


Mary Dougherty, thanks for reading and commenting. Enjoy your cocoa! :)