DIY Natural Sea Salt & Raw Sugar Scrubs

Do any of you ladies use scrubs? I'll be honest--I don't splurge on bath products that often. I love yummy handmade bars of soap, but if you peeked at the items in my shower, that's pretty much all you'd see besides shampoo and conditioner! At night, if I get around to washing off my makeup, I use plain warm water. So when I had the chance to make some of these luxurious scrubs, I didn't hesitate to try them out myself!

There's a good chance you already have the essential ingredients for DIY bath scrubs--all it takes is salt or sugar and some sort of oil, even honey does the trick! From there it's all about the embellishments. I made a tingly rosemary mint salt scrub (coarse sea salt, organic coconut oil, fresh rosemary and peppermint essential oil) and an energizing orange sugar scrub (fresh orange juice/zest, raw sugar, honey, organic coconut oil, and sweet almond skincare oil).

After I packed your jars, I tested the leftovers on my face and hands. Because, you know, if I were to break out in crazy hives or whatever, I totally wouldn't try to sell them to you. But good news! I LOVED both of them! Here are my conclusions: the orange sugar scrub was wonderful on my face. It left me smelling sweetly orangey and not too oily once I patted my skin dry. The peppermint scrub left my face with some traces of oil, but that may be because it was the second scrub sesh. I've heard very good things about using coconut oil on your skin!


The ingredients.

 For sale here, as always. If you don't buy these, you should totally try this at home and give them as gifts!

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