Typecase turned Jewelry Display

I picked a wooden typecase at a yard sale a few weeks ago! These drawers hold tiny pieces of lead type used for letterpress printing. A fun find since I spent a little over a year working with these at the Genesee Center for the Arts and Education. This is a typical California Job Case, which has individual compartments for each character--capital and lowercase--along with punctuation, numbers, spacing and a few other symbols. I spent many hours in the Printing and Book Arts center sorting lead type that had been left out for many days, months, even years. It can get to be quite a nightmare.

image: Mary Dougherty Photography

Yes, each of those tiny little pieces of metal is actually a character--a letter, number, or symbol. You can imagine how significant the nightmare can become if the pieces aren't correctly re-distributed back into the case after the letterpress job is done. Seriously, re-distribute your type, people!

I hung my drawer on the wall of our bedroom with a few favorite framed items. Then I filled it with jewelry and my smallest treasures. 

It makes me happy to have a special spot for my favorite little items like a muslin bag of lavender from my dearest friend's wedding and the delicate wood pendant made by the wonderful Deborah's husband. It's stamped with our names and wedding date; it is so special. I REALLY love being able to see each pair of my earrings in its spot. (PS--I initially got this idea from my friend Kaylan's pinboard. Check it out. Pinterest is THE BEST place for inspiration of all types!)

These wooden/hand-painted gems from Salvation Army in particular always seems to get lost in my collection--not today! 

Also -- My hair inspiration today (like most days) comes from my fave hair blogger, Reagan! Check her out.