To Jammy

 I bought her when I was 19. My dad cosigned the loan. 




Her name, Jammy the Jetta. I paid her off in full while in college by working numerous jobs.



I saw many a beautiful sunrise, sunset, and view of the open country through her windows.



I got to know my husband driving her around on back roads. We ate subs, chatted and sang along to songs we loved.

Oh, and sometimes we napped.



She was a trooper in all kinds of weather, in the cold North on steep Centerville Road and even when snow surprised us in South Carolina, our first married winter.



Together we traveled over 60,000 miles. Many, many trips from Tunkhannock to Houghton. The long trek to and from Savannah, back and forth to Rochester, to High Point, to Charlotte.



 She's old and tired now, in need of a new clutch, exhaust line, and gasket to fix her oil leak. We couldn't afford to fix her and really don't need 2 cars in New York. I fought with luke about whose car to sell, fought to keep her, but it just made more sense to sell her. So I put her up for sale on craigslist today. Within 5 hours, we were notarizing the title and handing over the keys to James. I think she is going to serve James very, very well... but I miss her already.



Oh, and the Solar-7 is a whole 'nother story.