Summer Pasta Salad with Basil Vinaigrette


I rarely make the time to prepare dinner these days, and I know it's about to get worse with our transition to New York. That's partially why I made the effort last night. It was also partially to start clearing out the fridge and partially because I spotted this recipe for Basil Vinaigrette and just had to try it. Recently my basil plant bolted (grew rapidly and then flowered), and since then I've had an abundance of basil I'm not using up. While I was making the vinaigrette I thought how delicious it would be on pasta salad. It's amazing what random food items you can use up in a yummy pasta salad (full recipe below). I grilled some chicken to toss on top and used my go-to recipe for roasted asparagus (so amazingly good) as a side, but it was the vinaigrette that really made this meal outstanding.