homemade | Summer Kohlrabi

 Yesterday Luke and I went to a mid-week market at Atherton Mill, just outside of uptown Charlotte. I love this market. We bought locally roasted coffee, homemade black bean salsa and garlic pickles, local squash, garlic, and kohlrabi. I had never tasted or cooked kohlrabi before, and the farmer admitted he hadn't either! However, his wife had sent him with a stack of recipes (printed from Cooks.com, mine is slightly adapted) which he helpfully gave to me, wishing me well. Earlier today I prepared the kohlrabi for us to eat with our dinner.

I had absolutely no idea how to prep it, so I took some photos of the process in case you'd like to try it yourself. Simply peel with a vegetable peeler or a knife (I used my favorite paring knife), cut in half, and slice thin. Some sites recommended I slice the kohlrabi like matchsticks. I'd like to experiment slicing it differently for future recipes.

Looks a little like green apples, tastes a bit like broccoli. Such an interesting veggie! The recipe instructed me to saute it with butter and add flour and milk to create a sauce. We ate it as a side dish alongside spaghetti with homemade pesto sauce and a simple salad of romaine, tomatoes, blueberries and our favorite Brianna's poppyseed dressing.

I thought it was pretty tasty, but I definitely overcooked it during sauteing. And it was heavy. I would love to try out a stir-fry type recipe for kohlrabi with olive oil instead of butter and some additional vegetables, herbs and spices. But since I wanted to share the new Nightingale Handmade recipe card, and to commemorate my very first cooking experience with kohlrabi, I've shared this particular recipe below (click to enlarge). Enjoy!