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This tiny seedlings have become a really exciting part of my day. If you think that makes me sound like a loser--okay, it might make me sound slightly like a loser, but still--you've probably never grown anything from seed! It's amazing what a tiny little seed produces. I love noticing all the different leaves and growing patterns. I'm excited that they all seem to be growing so well and I'm definitely going to celebrate the first bud I see! Here is the garden corner of the screened-in porch, where the seedlings are protected but still get plenty of sun.



I found the table at a yard sale for $3. It's ruggedly perfect, especially when I water the seedlings and the water seeps out all over the tabletop, and I don't worry about any damage being done. I entertained the thought of replacing the odd legs, but I don't think it's worth it at this point.



The little seedling markers make me smile, too. I found the banner stamp at a yard sale along with the gold embossing powder (a whopping 25 cents apiece), 'cause every garden needs some glam.