inspired words | Calendar of Wisdom, May 31


This morning I shared a wonderful phone conversation with my mom as I drank coffee on the porch. She is a beautiful individual who would strike you as always being cheerful, uplifting, and optimistic. Obviously, there is no one who feels this way constantly, but my mom encourages me with her attitude by reminding me where true happiness comes from. Sometimes I go after things that I think will make me happy, but they disappoint me instead. These are the times I reevaluate my definition of the word. Am I daily relying on my husband, my job, others' opinions of me, the measure of my success, or the reflection in the mirror for my happiness? Chances are I'll find myself let down by one or all of the above. The wellspring of my happiness needs to be drawn from something much, much deeper. By first looking inside myself to see what needs to change, I begin this process and the path towards true happiness. It is a daily and continual effort, but it's worth making.