Camping at Paris Mountain State Park

This week we decided to take a couple days to camp at Paris Mountain State Park outside of Greenville, SC. It was a great time--we hiked, sat around a campfire, and did a bit of exploring Greenville's cute downtown area. After a super busy week last week, it was just what we needed!

Several of our awesome friends pitched in to get us this tent as a wedding gift. We love it.

Hiking Sulphur Springs at Paris Mtn.

Drinking homebrews before dinner at Blue Ridge Brewing Co. in downtown Greenville. 

The contraption in the photo on the left is a coffee percolator we got from my in-laws (along with a truckload of other camping gear--thanks David and Lola!). It was amazing. I think the fact that it was brewed over a fire made our cheap coffee taste great. I also loved hearing Luke's stories of camping with his family when he was younger, and how he and his brother Mitch would wait and watch for the water in the percolator to boil so the whole thing would rattle and signify their parents' coffee was ready. (PS--The photo on the right was taken at about 7:15am. How does a guy roll out of bed, throw on a baseball cap and look just as awake as a ray of sunshine? Not fair.)

One last quick hike before heading back home. Nothing like a weekday getaway to recharge for the remaining week of work. Hope you all had a great week and are getting ready to enjoy the weekend!