April Girl

There's nothing quite like looking back on where you've been to put in perspective where you are now.

Last night I read through some of my old journals to contemplate where I've been on past birthdays. I laughed at myself, cried with myself and cringed at my angsty teenage troubles. I marveled at how much scripture was scribbled in the old pages--it is so apparent that the Lord has been walking with me all my life. I'm sure one day I will look back on my 24 year old self and laugh, cry, cringe and marvel all over again. Today, I will give thanks for the season I'm in now.

Some things I'm thankful for on my 24th birthday:

My wonderful family and the joy my young nieces bring.

My new family. 

The love of my husband.

A delicious birthday dinner of sushi.

This letterpress print created by someone dear to me and framed for us by my mother-in-law. It serves as a reminder to me that even when I feel unloveable, I am loved just as I am--though I can be as unpredictable as the month of April: all at once golden, cloudy, gracious, cruel, tender, roudy, soft, cold. I am ever changing, I am ever true. And I was certainly born in the right month.

Photo Credits: Mary Dougherty Photography (1, 4, 5)