Custard-filled Peanut Butter Cupcakes

When the news reached me at college that a decades-old bakery in my hometown of Tunkhannock had shut down, I was heartbroken. I had grown up with their amazingly yummy baked goods (and 25-cent doughnuts!) and can still remember the aroma as you walked into the storefront. It was difficult to deal with my first experience of drastic change in the place I had lived my entire life. It was the feeling one has going back to a place long visited solely in memories, only to find it is not the way you left it. Even more tragic is the fact that Tunkhannock is still without a bakery, the old storefront is empty and dilapidated, and never again will there be 25-cent doughnuts.

But I'm paying homage to Gable's in my own special way.

I baked these cupcakes yesterday at the cupcake shop as a tribute to my all-time favorite Gable's treat: a soft, custard-filled doughnut with a smooth peanut butter icing. It was unarguably the best doughnut in the entire. history. of the world. But I know many people had a favorite item, so Tunkhannock friends, what was yours? What do you miss most about Gable's? Do you hold out hope that another bakery will open up again soon? Leave your comments below, and if someone has a photo of Gable's in its heyday, by all means let me know.