City Rooftop

Moving to a brand new town where you have no friends can be tough. That's why I'm thankful for this couple.

Monique and Gavin live in the apartment directly below us and were the very first people we met when we arrived in Nyack. What a blessing that turned out to be! Monique is full of grace and wisdom and convinced me months ago that I should turn down the job I had lined up to pursue something I was truly excited about: the opportunity to work at Paperfinger.

Needless to say it was easy to celebrate her for her birthday on Tuesday. She knew a great spot in Manhattan where we sat out on a rooftop (in November!) under heaters, enjoying good food and wine and a spectacular view!


Speaking of friends...I'm off to Ithaca tomorrow for the night to reunite with some of my best friends in the world! Excited is sort of an understatement.