Homemade Granola

The first person I ever heard of making her own granola is the dear mother of dear friends, Stella Novack. What a sweet woman she is! There's much to learn from her other than you should learn to make your own granola. This particular recipe comes from Luke's Aunt Becky, though. Through the grapevine I've learned that nothing bad can ever come out of her kitchen! So thanks, Becky, for this recipe!



Earlier today I read this article from the NY Times and I really appreciated it. It's true, granola is little more than some oats mixed with a little oil & water and honey to sweeten it up. You know the Bear Naked granola that looks so appealing in the health food aisle? And it's five bucks at least? No more falling prey to it! Homemade granola all the way! I actually woke up this morning wanting to eat granola for breakfast and it's so easy that I whipped it up in time to do just that. Granted it was a lazy morning (do you think I would do this before work one day? not a chance), but really, you could do it too. I will be honest and tell you this is probably the fourth batch I've made and something seems to go wrong every time. I tried to be all Pioneer Woman and make it for my in-laws last week, and completely burnt half of it. If I can say one thing I think made a difference this time, it was to use sea salt. Well, and watch the timer. But mostly use sea salt! I keep a container in the cupboard to use for special things, like salted caramel once a year, and homemade granola.



Also: eat your homemade granola with Stonyfield blueberry yogurt for the best possible results. Mmm.



I hope everyone had a good Sunday. This afternoon Luke and I hiked Hook Mountain and saw this stunning view from the summit, and didn't take one photo. Not even a phone pic! Main because there was an army of dive-bombing beetle creatures buzzing around up there, and also because we don't own a camera at the moment. It's so tricky to be a blogger when you don't own a camera. Soon, soon this problem will be remedied. It's also tricky to be a blogger when you're not comfortable taking lots of photos of yourself and posting them. Hmm...maybe I should find a new hobby? But wouldn't you guys rather look at pictures of my beautiful stainless steel bowl full of grains than my mug?!



Click below for the recipe!