1-year Anniversary Festivities

I bought a super sweet gray and pink old-school polaroid camera from a thrift store to document our anniversary, but the included film was too old to develop correctly. Hence, these are all crummy iPad photos from the day (still no functioning digital camera). We planned out a bunch of different activities and I have to say we packed a lot of punch into one day! It was so much fun. We were EXHAUSTED by the time we got home at midnight.


luke looking out over hudson valley & me at entrance to stone barns

exploring around stone barns & late morning coffee/chorizo scone

light lunch from nearby tarrytown market

bronx zoo & metropolitan museum of art 

dinner @ momofuku & dessert @ momofuku milk bar (my ice cream flavor is cereal milk topped with corn flakes! mmm)


Luke wanted to take me up the Empire State Building to end our day. Ever since I've started working in New York I've developed quite the infatuation with it. It's just so iconic and has such a presence in the city...no matter where I am, I always catch a glimpse of it & it reminds me where I am. It's always there, it always makes me smile. I love it. I've taken to referring to him as "my buddy" or "mr. empire state building" and saying hey whenever I see him pop up. I'm such a nerd! Anyway, I was so giddy as we emerged out of the metro station and saw it--so close--majestically towering over us, illuminated in green light (did you know its lights change with different current events?) and I started to get butterflies imagining myself all the way up on the observation deck!

Being up there at night was one of the best experiences I've ever had. It literally took our breath away to catch our first glimpse of the lights of New York City at night from 1200 feet. Though there was a small crowd, no one really made any noise. It was as though everyone was sort of awe-struck or gazing in silence out of respect for the city. The city that never sleeps seemed so peaceful and quiet from up there. It was truly, truly, truly an amazing and wonderful experience and I made sure to share as many romantic kisses as possible with my sweet husband while we were there. Thank you all so much for the sweet words for our anniversary!