Martha Stewart Weddings: Bridal Market 2011

My employer Bryn brought me along to an event at the Martha Stewart headquarters on Monday! It was so much fun! Of course, my favorite part was the food. We ate the smallest food you could ever imagine (prepared by Peter Callahan. have you seen his awesome book of mini food wonders, bite by bite?). I'm talking burgers the size of a quarter.


And mini fish tacos with mini margaritas in mini Patron bottles.


And Guinness in mini beer steins, mini sushi, mini spring rolls, mini cupcakes, and shrimp lollipops. Wow, Martha really goes all out. Rumor has it she showed up, but we missed her (darn it!). The space at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is pretty stellar though...really cool to see.

We did run into a few other people I was excited to meet: Nole from Oh So Beautiful Paper (one of my long-time favorite blogs), NYC photographer Jen Huang, and one of the sweetest -- Jillian from 100 Layer Cake, who jumped in on our photobooth photos! So from left to right is Bryn, myself, and Jillian.

My favorite part of this was when Bryn got the shutter button and prompted us by saying "We love EVERYTHING!" I was cracking up.

What's that you ask? Why, yes, I was embarrassingly underdressed for this event (see venue photo above - is that a person in an actual wedding dress in the lower left?). Maybe it's a good thing we didn't run into Martha after all. You know, in case she doesn't think fondly of people who wear jeans to her parties.

Tried not to let it take away from the fun, but it was also 150 degrees in there and that sweater is wool. Yikes! Perhaps there will be a next time. Perhaps then I'll arrive prepared. And by that I mean I'll be carrying a large tote bag to fill sneakily with bitty foodstuffs. Ain't no party like a Martha party!